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To Rainbum Community (CEO Message)

To Rainbum Community (CEO Message)

Hello All.

I would like to introduce my self to you

this is me Jamal Shaaban I am 37 years old man I moved to the united states. 9 years ago. I literally worked every single job you can imagine. I am a computer engineer. I have worked in small & big companies. but I always had a dream of success in online business. Rainbum is a postponed project that I have started in  2020 but due to covid-19. I did the opposite of what everyone did lol . because I got sick & I suffered from covid-19 for months maybe until today, so I canceled the project.

Few months ago I had a dream of coming, I woke up and decided to start again. and here we are I am back and I am ready more than before. I am building Rainbum.com from scratch, I have faced a lot of difficulties but I had a goal so I decided to educate myself and learn what I didn't know how to do. Finally here we are I made it and my website is ready to be published.

All I am asking for is to gain my Client's Confidence plus building  a great Rainbum Community.

 Rainbum goal is to provide a good service & products. We need everyone's help   Rainbum to success in this amazing project and I promise you to be satisfied. those words is from my deep heart. I will post a video talk more about & I promise this will be a different online shopping website and a lot of surprises is going to go for public. soon. please help us to expand our business. and you are always more than welcome to message me at support@rainbum.com and ask any question. also if you have a product you want to sell and you think that we can do business together you also more than welcome.. we can do it together.

Note. I Promised my self that I will donate 2.5% - 5% of any profit to charities. so  you help us we help the world too.


Kind Regards.

Jamal Shaaban

Friday April 29th 2022