Remedycup V2 Pro
Remedycup V2 Pro
Remedycup V2 Pro
Remedycup V2 Pro
Remedycup V2 Pro
Remedycup V2 Pro

RemedyCup V2 Pro

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“These little cup like massagers will drain your pain away”

Struggling with Back Pain or Sciatica?

This all new 3-in-1 cupping device was built to combat the root cause of back pain & sciatica. Our unique patent-pending device combines 3 proven therapies to decompress the blood vessels and improve blood flow. This allows the body to naturally heal itself.

  • Decompress Blood Vessels
  • Fast Knot & Pain Relief to improve mobility
  • Adjustable massage intensity to suit capability
  • At-Home Massage Therapist (Put Money Back In Your Pocket)
  • Stress Relieving (Sleep, Feel and Live Better)

“After suffering for months with damage from a car accident, my upper body and neck have hurt everyday for 4 months. After two sessions I can’t say how thankful I am to have some relief from all the pain and tension.”

Victoria D. Verified Buyer

Three-In-One Whole Body Massager Eliminates Back & Sciatica Pain.

If you’re reading this chances are you’ve been suffering from bodily aches and pains. The result? These pains dominate your everyday life.

This new cupping body massager from RemedyCup promotes blood circulation, reduces inflammation and relieves fatigue with 3 PROVEN therapies all while remaining lightweight and convenient.

It feels like walking around with a physiotherapist when you need it, the way you want it and without the expensive costs.



Here it is:No More Pain & Expensive Trips To The PT

Yes, you are not alone if your body feels broken right now.

Most other pain products do not target the root cause of the pain leaving the real problem untreated, and making things worse.

RemedyCup uses ‘negative suction’ cupping, heat therapy and red light therapy to effectively decompress your blocked blood vessels to relieve your neck, waist, hip, leg and back at the source of the problem. This breakthrough combination of:

  • 3 Age-old PROVEN physical therapy treatments
  • Made into easy-to-use fool-proof device
  • Scientifically backed to relieve pain pathways

Using these 3 proven therapies was the secret sauce that results in the instant relief of chronic pain.

Is It Right For Me?

The Remedy Cup Is Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To

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  • Recover From An Injury

No matter the severity, injuries need constant attention and care.

Speed up your recovery and relieve your pain instantly with our cupping device.

  • Soothe Nerve Pain

Dampen nerve pain and accelerate your bodies natural healing process via increased blood circulation provided by RemedyCup.

  • Regularly Train

Relax tight and sore muscles in seconds so you can recover faster and get back to training.

  • Save Money

Regular appointments with physical/massage therapists can add up very quickly.

On average, just 6 treatments can add up to $500!

RemedyCup allows you to bring the treatment home saving all your hard-earned money.

How Does It Work?


1 ) Dynamic ‘Breathing’ Cupping

For those who are new to cupping, you’ve been missing out!

Cupping is a deep tissue massage that uses a cup to pull an area of skin decompressing the muscle and connective tissue promoting blood flow to the area to speed up the body’s natural healing process.

Our RemedyCup V2 PRO improves on the old cupping therapy by using a dynamic ‘breathing’ method.

The rhythmic alternation of suction and release increases blood circulation by 46% compared to traditional cupping, fast-tracking recovery and relief.

Since the pressure is totally adjustable you can start slow and work your way up!

2) Therapeutic Heating

Heat therapy has been proven time and time again to ease pain by bringing your blood flow up to the surface, increasing blood flow and circulation.

As a result this relaxes and soothes muscles while healing damaged tissue.

A recent study lead by Jürgen Freiwald Ph.D, concluded that heat therapy effectively soothed acute to medium back pain and in many cases, helped patients reduce painkiller usage.

With the RemedyCup V2 PRO, having access to heat therapy on demand has never been easier!


Jürgen Freiwald Ph.D / Accredited Pain Relief Expert

“Heat therapy is a safe, highly-effective, natural pain relief option that patients can easily self-administer, proving that a therapy known for centuries still has a relevant role in clinical practice today.”



3) Red Light therapy

Originally developed by NASA for astronauts who could become injured on long-term space missions, red light therapy is used today as a safe and natural method of treatment.

Red Light works by acting on the “power plant” in your body’s cells called mitochondria. The light energises them and with that other cells can do their work more efficiently.

This leads to boosting new cell growth and encourages the bodies natural healing process.

This is why on space-trips, when astronauts suffer from weak muscles and bones, they are required to undergo red light therapy to quickly recover and prevent minor injuries.


Cutting Edge Technology


  • Fully Adjustable Settings

12 Level Adjustable Suction different temperature and intensity can be selected according to different body parts.

  • 3-In-One

Combines 3 proven therapies into one powerful little device.


  • Simple To Use

Get a crystal clear view with two 4K high-density LCD displays.

  • Built for Durability

Countless have gone into making sure we built the RemedyCup to last.

  • Long Battery Life

Able to sustain up to 24hrs of continuous use from full charge.

Talk about energy efficiency.

  • Easy to clean

Detachable cups make this handy device a breeze to clean. Just a few wipes and you’re done!


Here’s Why You Can’t Get Away With Ignoring Tension & Pain

When muscles are stressed by constant pain, they develop inflammation causing nerve damage which impacts their ability to heal.

What does that really mean though?

According to Michael W. Smith, medical director of WebMD “Prolonged nerve irritation, which occurs when back pain and tension is left untreated for too long, can lead to permanent disabilities”

When you use the RemedyCup device it solves the ROOT cause of the pain, stimulating the nerves and promoting blood flow for the purpose of strengthening and rehabilitating them.

Not only does this aid recovery but REVERSES significant damage to the nerves.

Real Success Stories

Stop letting back pain dictate your life, take control and become pain-free with the RemedyCup V2 PRO




  • 4.9/5 based on 9000+ purchases

Remember IF You Don’t Feel Relief Within 15 Minutes Of Use, The RemedyCup V2 PRO IsFREE

Either you will keeping doing what you’ve been doing and hope your discomfort will magically vanish


You can immediately save yourself thousands in PT/surgery/MT and have an affordable at-home solution available whenever needed.

You Choose.

But what if your pain does not get any better on it’s own in the next couple weeks, months or years?

How long will you let the pain and muscle tension keep damaging your health, mood and energy?

Don’t let this affect your life a minute longer. Relieve the tension and start living better today with RemedyCup V2 PRO


  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee with hassle free
  • 24/7 instant customer support
  • 100% quality inspection per order
  • No hidden fees
  • Real time tracking along the way

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