USB voice recorder 32GB
USB voice recorder 32GB
USB voice recorder 32GB
USB voice recorder 32GB

USB voice recorder 32GB

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The sound can be clearly recorded from a distance of 20 feet!

You have probably put several USB drives like this around your desk. But it contains a tiny microphone hidden inside.

A switch to start recording that allows you to speak clearly up to a distance of 20 feet without having to make the tedious adjustments.

Place this recorder on your desk or in your pocket. You can record that you speak to your boss or a colleague without him recognizing anything special!

10 hour battery that you don't have to worry about the power outage. No software needs to be installed. Simply connect it to your computer and the recording folders will open automatically.

    How to use

    There is a small power switch on the side of the USB drive. When you flip the switch, the voice recorder turns on and starts recording everything nearby. When you are finished recording, turn the switch to turn the device off.

    A new file is created each time it is switched on. If you turn it off, this audio file is saved. So if you speak to three different people and switch on the USB dictation machine three times. three files are displayed. This makes it so easy to organize your conversations.


    • Size: 70 * 19 * 8 mm
    • Weight: 30 g 
    • Record audio format: MP3
    • Memory: 32G B


    • 1 * USB voice recorder 32GB

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