Whitening Foam Toothpaste
Whitening Foam Toothpaste
Whitening Foam Toothpaste
Whitening Foam Toothpaste
Whitening Foam Toothpaste
Whitening Foam Toothpaste
Whitening Foam Toothpaste
Whitening Foam Toothpaste
Whitening Foam Toothpaste

Whitening Foam Toothpaste

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The quickest. least expensive technique to whiten your teeth....

We are all familiar with the issue of our teeth being less white as a result of stains brought on by coffee. tea. or tobacco products. Unfortunately. teeth whitening is frequently pricey and only temporary.

Fortunately. Our engineers have discovered the ideal remedy! The most recent technology in dental treatment is products. Products employ a unique wax-free mix with micro-foam technology that without the use of chemicals whitens your teeth by 8 shades and improves their health. It has never been simpler to whiten your teeth!

  • With just one treatment each day. you can quickly eliminate tiny stains like coffee from your teeth.
  • Whiter teeth in 2 minutes. no more costly whitening procedures required

Throughout the day. flash that gorgeous smile!

Imagine having a white smile. healthy teeth. and fresh breath all day long. and feeling confident. We can only make this happen with our products! It's never been simpler to get whiter. healthier teeth! You can do it whenever and wherever!


Intensive Stain Removal Toothpaste

Baking soda has a powerful cleaning ability that may get into enamel fissures and remove food particles. bacterial plaque. and deeply entrenched stains.

More Effective Than Traditional Toothpaste

formulated to keep your mouth clean while removing stains completely and intensively and preventing cavities. Your teeth and aligners are properly cleaned of debris and bacteria that cause odours thanks to the foaming action. keeping them fresh-looking and clear.

Natural Ingredients

Plant extracts aid in the breakdown of surface tooth pigmentation. prevent it. and maintain the teeth's brilliance and whiteness.


The deep stains. bacterial plaque. and food particles embedded in the enamel fissures can be removed by using this fluoride-free toothpaste foam.


  • Type:¬†Toothpaste

  • NET WT:¬†60ml

  • Gender:¬†Unisex

  • Ingredients:¬†Water. Glycerol. Citrus junos extract. Xylitol. Baking soda. Mint. Essence.

  • Bottle¬†Color:¬†White

  • Size:¬†approx. 4 x 4 x 13.5cm / 1.57 x 1.57 x 5.31in

  • Quantity:¬†1 pc

Package includes:

  • 1 *¬†Whitening Foam Toothpaste



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